When everyone else is still fast asleep, we hunters head off to participate in a special kind of natural experience.

No matter what the time of day or season or weather conditions our passion for nature and the animal world allows us to experience unique moments which become imprinted in our memories. at My Hunting Shop we bring the expereince and tradition that X-JAGD as top brand bring to all of us. Discover the Real Hunting Perfection and enjoy the Experiences to the Max with X-JAGD.

Countless hours are spent in nature. In every wind and weather, cold and hot atmospheric conditions.

On all raised hides, when trekking and deerstalking, through thorny forests and undergrowth, in the mountains and lowlands.When dynamically running or maybe when sitting quiet and still. Every moment in hunting has its pitfalls and demands on the hunter and his equipment. Whether stones, branches and changing temperatures. Whether rapid movements or rotations in different directions. Each one of these situations demands 100 % product functionality. Because, where customary hunting clothing stops, the perfectionistic development work of X JAGD starts. Because pure hunting and the passion for it is also crucial for X JAGD.

Innovation is like an inborn driving force for us. Resulting from our own hunting experiences and a passionate will for development, unique technologies and product features are created at X JAGD which bring decisive advantages for the valuable time spent hunting.

Attention to detail and development from the perspective of a hunter make the difference. Unique equipment and its uncompromising readiness to perform decide on high quality moments “Pure Hunting Passion”. With smart ideas and high-quality technology, X JAGD guarantees perceptibly greater performance. Discover for yourself. You have no time to lose.