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Shooting training represents an integral part of a complete shooting experience. Therefore, the Shooting Center Bockenberg has advanced several shooting courses which figure as an essential component of our service repertoire. We firmly believe that rifle and shotgun shooting can be learned and improved systematically. Yet, the handling of small-caliber handguns and running target shooting receive equal attention within our shooting course curricula. However, the support of the young generation is of special importance to us. We have thus created a number of shooting training courses specifically designed for young hunters and shooters in furtherance of optimal education for the young.

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Shotgun Shooting Courses

After prior agreement, it is possible to book both professional individual and group shotgun shooting courses at the Shooting Center Bockenberg. The aim of these courses is to acquaint each shooter with the methods of shotgun shooting and to subsequently allow him the opportunity to advance at his own pace. Furthermore, the courses target the techniques of the motion sequences required to enhance one´s shooting.

The main themes of the course are the correct gun fitting and mastery of the kinematics of shotgun shooting. Moreover, we attach great value to suit every student´s individual needs to transform the shooting training experience into an enjoyable endeavor. Infusing the shooting sport and training with pleasure and fun not only deeply resonates with our business philosophy, it also represents a vital source of motivation in the individual training of the shooter. We firmly believe that we can lead you to your personal achievement potential. In order to guarantee this, our shotgun shooting courses are led by two highly professional shotgun shooting instructors with long-standing experience, Mr. Gregor Schmidt-Colberg and Barry Batcher. Both Gregor Schmidt-Colberg´s CPSA training and Barry Bratcher´s NSCA certification have proven to be guarantors that the entire relevant competency is imparted succinctly. Hunting and sports shooters of all skill levels can enjoy the professional expertise of our shooting trainers, who place great emphasis on communicating their knowledge with humor and esprit at all times.

Thus, our professional shotgun shooting courses are equally suitable for individuals training for their hunting license, hunting license holders and sports shooting beginners, sports shooters and shooting sports novices. Each course will therefore be specifically adapted to the individual level of skill of the shooter. If necessary, required equipment for the shooting course in shotgun shooting can be provided. The Shooting Center Bockenberg provides weapons with adjustable stocks for both left- and right-handed shooters as well as special stocks for women. Naturally, our clients can test weapons from the gun shop in the context of our training sessions, which can be individually adjusted during the training.

Young Shot Courses

The Shooting Center Bockenberg also offers shotgun shooting courses specifically designed for young hunters. These courses serve as an introduction to shotgun shooting for persons applying for hunting licenses and/or to refresh one´s knowledge prior to a hunter examination. Thus, the young shot courses specifically target participants of preparatory courses in shotgun shooting for the hunting licenses in Bavaria and the participants of hunter licenses in other federal states.

These young shot courses have a specific goal in mind: the systematic apprehension of correct motion sequences. Internalizing those sequences supports the young hunters to apply and perfect them in their autonomous training sessions. Moreover, the graduates of these courses shall then be capable of successfully passing the preparatory course in Bavaria (250 targets) and the hunting examination in shotgun shooting in the other federal states respectively. In order to achieve such ambitious goals, our young shot courses are not built around the usual “trial-and-error” shooting. To the contrary, we apply systematic methodologies in order to lead our young hunters to success. During the courses, the kinematics of shooting with precisely instructed motions take center stage. This is supplemented by teaching a correct control over the weapon-related dominance of the shooter´s eye, weapon customization and individual stock adjustments. Of course, each participant applying for hunting licenses will be awarded with a certification certifying the number of fired rounds during the training.

Running Target Shooting & Pistol Shooting

An essential part of the shooting training is the autonomous mastery of optimal motion sequences which is especially fundamental for the running target shooting and pistol shooting. Thus, each person with a legitimate license is welcome to practice his shooting autonomously during regular shooting hours at the Shooting Center Bockenberg. Beyond that, our professional shooting teachers providing assistance to improve or adjust your shooting. In this context, it is particularly important to master the fundamental movement sequences, so that flawed or imprecise motions cannot be perpetuated.

In order to practice the running target shooting on the Shooting Center Bockenberg, we have provided a running boar which is equipped with a digital display. We highly encourage you to make use of this feature to further your shooting practice. Analogous to this training, we offer the complementary service of testing weapons from our gun shop, for example big-caliber double rifles or pressure-fit rifles. Additionally, double rifles with 5x57IRS and 9,3x74R calibers can be tested on our shooting range. At the same rate, our staff is always glad to assist when purchasing a weapon of your choice.
The Shooting Center Bockenberg also offers a shooting range for pistol shooting catering perfect conditions to fine-tune your motion sequences and accuracy.

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The Shooting Center Bockenberg aspires to administering a comprehensive and competent service to provide our customers with the perfect shooting sport experience. Therefore, we offer our clients to take guns of our line of merchandise to the shooting range and put them to the acid test right away. Of course, our staff assists you with competent advice based on your very individual shooting habits, your preferences and needs.

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