Shooting Ground – “Bockenberg”

The Shooting Center Bockenberg has managed to combine, in a unique manner, the enjoyment of shooting with professional expertise in the world of sports shooting. Upon visiting our premises, you are able to experience the richness of the shooting sport while enjoying a comprehensive and multifaceted array of services offered by our shooting center.

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The Shooting Center Bockenberg represents a perfect symbiosis of a professional shooting ground (including various shooting ranges, a shooting simulator, a gun shop and gunsmith workshop), and workshop services on the one hand; and specialized shooting instructions pervaded by a long-standing proficiency of the Obermeier family within the shooting profession on the other. This combination brings together the full range of shooting enjoyment for both hunters and sports shooters, as well as competent and qualified instruction, in one spot. In addition to our regular services, the premises of the Shooting Center Bockenberg can be booked for special occasions such as corporate events and private functions. As a matter of course, we would assist you in all stages leading up to such an event, including the planning, catering (with our professional partner Eschenwecker Regensburg), and execution.

Schiessanlage Bockenberg

Our highly trained team supports our customers in every step of the way to suit their very individual needs. While the practiced shooter can enjoy the use of one of the various shooting ranges, novices benefit from a wide range of shooting courses to further their shooting training. Hereby, our gun shop allows our shooters to find an optimal weapon in no time and immediately put it to the test on one of our shooting ranges. In order to offer our customers the most comprehensive service, we aspire to delivering a service experience that entails the highest quality standards possible, both in advising our customers during the purchasing process and in supporting them in the field, testing guns and accessories.

As a family-run business with over 35 years of hunting tradition, it is our job to deliver our customers and shooters a comprehensive quality shooting sports experience in every possible aspect. Thus, customer satisfaction enjoys our absolute highest priority, something we incessantly aim at improving. This enables us to offer you an even better experience in the future.

Disciplines available at the Shooting Center Bockenberg

At the very core of the Shooting Center Bockenberg, our customers can find diverse shooting grounds and shooting ranges covering a number of various disciplines, which are displayed in more detail below:

  • • Jagdlich Trap
  • • Olympic Trap (15-meter Range)
  • • Young Shot Training Platform for Jagdlich Trap
  • • Jagdlich and Sports Skeet
  • • Hunting Parcours (20 Machines)
  • • Running Boar including electronic wand (50 meter)
  • • 100 meter Rifle Course
  • • Pistol shooting (25 meter)

Brockenberg Shooting Ground