Gun-Fitting & Workshop Service

Tailored Guns

Optimal results in the hunting and shooting sports can only be reached if your guns and accessory are perfectly matched with your very individual requirements and therefore the Shooting Center Bockenberg and at Waffen Obermeier GmbH GK. you to choose and adjust your guns on the basis of your personal needs.
For you to be able to find the perfect gun, the Shooting Center Bockenberg and/or at Waffen Obermeier GmbH GK the company offers his clients a great deal of advice and consulting prior to your purchase. We assist you competently and in a personal atmosphere. In order to achieve your best results, our shooting experts will help you to choose the right gun and its configurations. The GUN of your choice can then be tried out on one of our various shooting ranges. To give your ambitions another boost, you can find a wide range of compatible accessory in our store. This way, you are able to enjoy individually tailored weapons- everything at one place.

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As part of the overall service package we also count at Waffen Obermeier GmbH and at the Shooting Center Bockenberg, Gunsmithing workshop specifically designed for ambitious hunting and sports shooters. You can be assured that we excel at our craft which is reflected in our membership in the VBD (Verband Deutscher Büchsenmacher). We provide our customers with tailor-made hunting guns and all type of fixing processes, specifically made to suit the needs of the individual. We do this by integrating the latest technology with tradition and craftsmanship. Our guns are easily usable, reliable and provide maximum safety. Whether you are on the stalk, hunting in the mountains or big game hunting; you decide where and when to use this special gun.

Example details: Gunsmithing

Obermeier game rifle, based on Mauser 98
3-Shot system with reduced storage box
Caliber: at your discretion
Cold-hammered Helm barrel
Hexagonal barrel profile available for an additional charge
Handmade fine adjustable trigger weight 600g
Safety on customer request (lateral 2-position or 3-position; also sold with safety lock)
Hand stock customized with Turkish curlwood (on request):
- traditionally Bavarian with Doppelfalbacke and pistol grip, fine wood finish
- classically German with comb and German cheek; hardwood finish
-Goißerer (Bavarian cheek piece with double seam, pistol grip and wood finish
- Port (full stock with Bavarian or German cheek)
Barrel Length 50cm
cal 6,5x57,. 308 Win, 7x57,.270 Win, 8x57 IS,9,3x62
Engravings possible on request!

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Care & Maintenance

Every gun is a delicate high-precision machine that requires regular care and maintenance in order to function optimally. Only by maintaining your gun´s quality, you are able to enjoy the hunting and shooting sport to the fullest. In order to keep your gun’s weapon in excellent condition, Waffen Obermeier GmbH tender a variety of services to maintain and care your guns. Thus, we offer a complete spectrum of services including cleaning, maintenance and reprocessing of weapons of all kinds. Membership at the VDB (Verband Deutscher Büchsenmacher) serves as a further credential for the highest professional conduct available.
For example, a new black finish or smoothed fish skin not only keep your weapon visually appealing, they also preserve the value of your sports utensil. Below, you can find an overview over the services provided by us:

  • • Brushed bluing, hot black finish
  • • Hardening
  • • Stock Work
  • • Trimming and re-cutting of worn fish skin
  • • Special requests for engravings from the best studios in the world

Our workshop service also involves the repair of flawed and damaged weapons; or weapons that do not fire adequately. Moreover, our gunsmith workshop proffers a wide range of different types and manufacturers of spare parts. The same is true even for older prototypes. Should you be stuck with old heirlooms you would like to get rid of, you are welcome to bring them to us where we will- upon consulting with you- safely dispose of them.


“The weapon fires, but the stock hits”

Unfortunately, this German proverb is rarely applied in practice. In order to remedy this, we give our shooters the opportunity to employ weapons that are specifically tailored to the person pulling the trigger. Also, our staff assists you in judging whether specific shafts represent the right fit for you. Moreover, we take pride in educating our customers about these processes so that they build the capacity to judge for themselves in the future.

Our main products always consist of different stocks you can choose from. Among others, we supply right- and left-handed stocks, special stocks for women, different stock sizes and various grips. In addition to this, it is possible to customize stocks depending on your wishes and needs. If you are using Beretta shotguns, we recommend using the Beretta stock service; the same applies to shotguns of Perazzi. At your request, we are happy to accompany you to their factories to support you on-site. This also includes managing and arranging appointments on your behalf. Besides, our shooting ranges offer the opportunity to see whether the stock and/or the shotgun are the right choices for you. As an additional service, our professional shooting teachers will assist you in this process. Oftentimes, minor adjustments can alleviate problems with the stock permanently. After adjusting your weapon, you can fine-tune your shooting experience immediately on one of our shooting ranges.

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Injection/Warming Up

Just as new shoes need to be worn in, your hunting and sporting arm needs to be regularly fired in order to function at optimal levels. To make sure your weapon is regularly deployed, the Shooting Center Bockenberg provides in-house ranges where our professionals will fire your weapons to provide a perfect injection. Our master gunsmith is at your disposal every Friday between 10am and 1pm. Registration is strictly required.

Sporting Arms Tuning

In order to maximize your sports shooting results, we tune your serial weapon to become a high-precision instrument of premium quality. Our master gunsmiths and experienced shooting trainers know exactly how to optimize your weapon and gladly impart this knowledge to our customers. Membership at the VDB (Verband Deutscher Büchsenmacher) serves as a further credential for the highest professional conduct available. Hereby, you can use a variety of services:

  • • Amendments of bolts
  • • Optimum distribution of loads
  • • Individual adjustment of triggers
  • • Surface finishing
  • • Adjustment of tailor-made stocks

Send us your inquiry now and receive a tailor-made offer from us! [Possibly embed contact form] Assembly

Obviously, we also perform assembly work on new and used rifle scopes as part of our professional workshop service. In order to improve your results, we install the glass quickly and expertly. Since we are a member of the VDB (Verband Deutscher Büchsenmacher) you can be assured that we are experts in our field. Feel free to convince yourself about the quality of your new acquisition at the Shooting Range Bockenberg- and if necessary, we will adjust accordingly!