Shooting Ground Hoerabach

Since the 1.1.2014, the Shooting Ground Hoerabach (near Straubing) also belongs to our establishments. The little brother of the Shooting Ground Bockenberg is traditionally anchored in the region and is known to be an especially informal shooting ground. This makes the Shooting Ground Hoerabach not only a popular venue for hunting schools who regularly conduct their shooting courses at our premises; it also enables more seasoned hunters and sports shooters to have a variety of disciplines and gun ranges at their disposal.

    • • 2x 100 meter ranges for rifle calibers
    • • Running Boar (50 meter range)
    • • Trap Shooting Range (15 Machines)
    • • New: Hunting Parcours
    • • Skeet Shooting Range

In accordance with our overall philosophy, it is our paramount imperative to offer our clients the highest quality standards and extensive service under a single roof. This is not only true for the customer support in our shops, but also for any services tendered on our shooting grounds including the handling and maintenance of the weapon or accessory of your choice. As a family-run business deeply rooted in tradition with over 35 years of hunting experience under our belt, it is our job to provide you with a high-quality shooting experience at any time. In all of this, customer satisfaction remains our all-encompassing maxim. In order to achieve this, we constantly aim at improving your shooting experience on all our shooting grounds.

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