History and tradition of the Obermeier family in the hunting sport.

As a family business rich in tradition, the enthusiasm for the hunting and shooting sport has been handed down over generations. Inspired by his love for the shooting and hunting sport and fueled by his many hunting experience, the head of the Obermeier family began supplying the local demand for weapons and spread the fascination of the shooting sport 35 years ago.

Over the course of the years, the former one-man business continuously grew into an established entity carrying the name Obermeier far beyond the borders of the Free State of Bavaria. Today, the Obermeier family has evolved into a well-known brand in the shooting sport all over Germany, Europe and even the world. With growing and solid revenues year over year, more and more family members were recruited to take part in the business. First the children Stefanie and Clemens Obermeier, who concurrently delegate the operational activities, joined. What had begun with the selling of a few weapons to neighbors and friends progressively developed into a global family business- a business whose highest values continue to remain tradition and family.

Today, a long-standing family business encompasses few shooting ranges, brick and mortar stores in Europe and a worldwide presence online. As a member of the VDB (Verband Deutscher Büchsenmacher) the company is actively pursuing the observance of quality standards. Moreover, as a member of the IHK (Industrie- und Handelskammer, Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Germany), its premises serve as a popular training center for enthusiastic trainees. It is its goal to convey a deep sense of eagerness for the hunting and shooting sport. Despite the immense development of our company, it has remained the company’s utmost aspiration to continuously surpass on the fascination hidden in the hunting and shooting sport.