More than 20 years' ago the HART brand dreamed of creating. Now, thanks to the zeal, non-conformism and work of a group of professionals, this dream has become a reality.

It all started with an idea: to create some unique, effective, high-quality artificial lures.

And why do things like everyone else, if they can be done better? Based on this simple yet ambitious premise, the HART project got underway.

Since its very first collection, HART has continued to place considerable emphasis on creating sportswear that would act like a second skin. Suitable clothing for hunting or any other outdoor activity must feature the following basic characteristics: comfort, durability and functionality. In line with this principle, the HARTWARE CONCEPT was developed, serving as the core around which all the collections are designed. The result is a range of outdoor clothing and footwear that controls the flow of heat to and from the body for maximum comfort at any level of activity.

From design until delivery to the shops, all the garments in each HART collection undergo strict quality control and manufacturing processes. Each garment is designed for the specific requirements of the activity in question, with styles that guarantee freedom of movement, cuts for ease of motion when in a shooting position, pockets for cartridges, bags, etc.

The materials used are increasingly more lightweight, noiseless and flexible, with membranes that guarantee optimal insulation, waterproofness and protection.