Working with My Hunting Shop

My Hunting Shop as an employer

My Hunting Shop offers flexible entry opportunities as an employer. These range from part-time workers to full-time employees. We offer practical experience for young professionals and experienced professionals, from our gunsmith/gun-fitting trainings to Sales & Marketing areas off and online, from accounting to a business minded individuals. Given the company’s expansion plans and the flexibility offered in several positions, we offer places in our Shooting Centres. We will be delighted to count with energetic, dynamic and ambitions individuals whom would like to explore the outdoor business via a business mind.

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Job Offers at My Hunting Shop

  1. 1. Internship in our gunsmith workshop
  2. 2. Gunsmiths
  3. 3. International trading: wholesale and foreign trade merchant
  4. 4. Sales advisor - Retail (Hunting and Shooting sports)
  5. 5. E-Commerce Content Manager
  6. 6. E-Commerce employees international trader and New Channels
  7. 7. Internships at
  8. 8. Puller in Shooting Centres Bockenberg & Hoerabach
  9. 9. Treasurer in Shooting Centres Bockenberg & Hoerabach
  10. 10 temporary staff as an office clerk and accounting force

• Shop Assistant Office Clerk
Supporting all our general administration tasks at our Shop:
Costumer and general calls handling
Inventory management
Product portfolio management on our ERP
Inventory acquisition
Required: experience in Secretarial & EPR Systems

• Accountant assistant
Process daily accounting operations
General office work
Skills: experience in accounting
Familiar with accounting systems

• Part-time employees in Shooting Centre Bockenberg and Hoerabach