Woolpower, a Sweden based manufacturing set up, know the best in class on how to dress to stay warm in extreme colder climates.
Designed to provide superior comfort in layers, Woolpower mid layer protective clothing for forestry workers is made from Merino sheep wool, an unparalleled premium material to craft warm clothes. Woolpower clothing has been proven against time to be the most efficient way to dress in a cold place owing to layers that can be added or reduced as per the need be. An apt choice for professionals or outdoor enthusiasts, Woolpower’s insulated outdoor clothing is warm, wicking and strong with enhanced durability that manages to stay warm even when wet. My Hunting Shop is privileged to be trading with Woolpower since many years, each one of Woolpower outdoor clothing products listed here speaks of brand credibility and trust. Take a glance through the range of products, read the essential product information and select one at very reasonable prices and excellent customer service.